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The following preserved or replica aircraft from WW1 can be seen in Belgium:

The Military Museum Brussels

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Caudron GIII
Bristol F2b (Type 17)
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
Maurice Farman Shorthorn 11
Hanriot-Dupont HD1
Fokker Dr 1(replica)
Halberstadt C V
Aviatik C1(under restoration)


Above: Halberstadt C V (now dismantled for restoration)


Left: Hanriot-Dupont HD1


Brussels air museum website www.airmuseum.be

Aircraft on display


Below: Maurice Farman Shorthorn S11

Volunteers at the Brussels Air Museum are concerned at the future preservation of their fine collection of aircraft durng the proposed renovation of the aircraft hall. See their petition for further information. (30 June 2007)

Stampe & Vertongen Museum, Antwerp International Airport 

Sopwith Camel (replica)
Nieuport 24 (replica)
Nieuport 28 (replica)
Albatros DVa (replica)
Fokker Dr 1(replica)
Fokker DVII (replica)
Fokker DVIII (replica)

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