RFC/RAF Personnel 1915-18 listed on this site

Including personnel from Nos 2, 3RS, 16, 27, 32, 62, 80 and 103 Squadrons


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Flying Training 1915

Lord Hugh Cecil

Viscount Exmouth.

Lt. Holder

Lt. Breakhall

Lt. Horsfall

2nd Lt. Basil Henry Ryder

Capt. Philip Babington  (later Air Marshal, CO 46 and 141 Sqns)

Lt. Ralph Tolerton Leather?(later with 2 Sqn)

Lt. Jacob Guy Swart (later Flt Cdr with 22 Sqn and CO of 24 Sqn)

2nd Lt. Max Cooper-King

2nd Lt. (Jack Oliver) Cooper [KIA 21 July 1916]

2nd Lt. (prob Humphrey Minton) Goode

Sub Lt. Wilfred Dunn

2nd Lt. Monckton (?)

Lt. (Ernest) Hodgson (interned Holland June 1915)


2 Squadron RFC personnel and flight crews in France 1915 

Lt. Ashly

Capt. Maurice Bernal Blake Pilot Flight Commander

AM Beetlestone (Gd Crew)

AM Bowen (Gd Crew)

AM Bridger (Gd Crew)

Capt. Thomas Walter Colby Carthew DSO Pilot [later Lt. Col, CO 4 Sqn July 1916]

Lt. (Alexander C?) Clarke Pilot

Capt. H J (John) Collins Pilot

Capt. Cooper [poss R A Cooper CO 2 Sqn July 1916]

Lt. A W Davis Observer

Capt. (poss Leonard) Dawes 'C' Flight Commander (in May 1915)

Lt. Hereward de Havilland Pilot (later Major, DSO, CO 30 Sqn, Iraq)

Lt. Sholto Douglas Observer  [later Major CO 84 Sqn]

Lt. (poss Keith Frederick William) Dunn Pilot

Lt. Ellison Observer

Capt. Wilfred Freeman, B (wireless) Flight Commander [later CO 14 Sqn & Col OC 2 Training Group 1918]

2nd Lt. Charles R Gallie Pilot KIA 22 August 1915

AM Girling (Gd Crew)

AM Goodwin (Gd Crew)

Cpl. Hales (Gd Crew)

Capt. John Glanville Hearson  'C'  Flight Commander (from 6 July 1915) [later CO 5 Sqn & T/Brigadier Director of Training 1918]

Capt. J R Campbell Heathcote Pilot

Capt. Heaton-Hall

Sgt. Hodgson (Gd Crew)

Lt. (?JL) Jackson WIA April(?10 May) 1915

Lt. James MC

Lt. Ralph Tolerton Leather Pilot

Lt. Lees Observer

Capt. John Burgh Talbot Leighton, 'C'  Flight Commander (June 1915)  [later Major, CO 23 Sqn KWF 7 May 1917]

Lt. Ivor Lloyd, Observer [flew with Rhodes Moorhouse]

Lt. Robert Loraine Pilot [the "actor-pilot", later CO 40 Sqn & Lt. Col]

Lt. R N Marshall Observer [flew with Robert Loraine]

Lt. (Barry?) Martin Pilot

Lt. Harold William Medlicott pilot

Capt. Mitchell Observer

Lt. Marmaduke Henry Monckton Pilot [KWF 9 July 1915 with 8 Sqn]

Capt. William Milne, Observer [Pilot from Sep 1915, 25 Sqn, WIA May 1916]

Sgt. Nichols (Gd Crew)

Lt. William Reid, Pilot [POW August 1915 Immelmann's first victim]

Lt. William Rhodes-Moorhouse VC, Pilot [DOW 27 April 1915]

Lt. Roberts Observer

Lt. Herbert B Russell Observer [later AVM]

Capt. Secker, Observer

Capt. Frank W Smith Pilot [later Major, CO 62 Sqn 1918]

Lt. (Sydney W) Smith Pilot

Lt. Sweet Observer

Lt. William M Wallace, Observer KIA 22 August 1915

Lt. Whiteman Observer

2 Squadron RFC  personnel mentioned Sep 1915- Feb 1916

Maj. Becke CO

Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown (observer) (POW 10 Nov 15, later flew the Atlantic in 1919)

2nd Lt. K D P Murray

Lt. Herbert Bainbridge Russell (observer) later pilot with 23 Sqn POW 26 June 1916

Lt. A L Russell (pilot) POW 5 Jan 1916

Lt. W E  Somerville (pilot) POW 5 Jan 1916

Capt. "Caruthers", probably a reference to Capt. T Carthew DSO

Sgt. Craven

2nd Lt. B C Rice (observer)

2nd Lt. (?LC) Chapman (observer)

AM1  Bowes

Lt. E M Gilbert (observer)

2nd Lt. H W Medlicott (POW 10/11/15 later shot escaping 21/5/18)

Lt. Nulue (observer)

AM1 Harris

AM2 Aston

Capt. Sandery ? W D S Sanday

Lt. (Vernon) Busby 

Capt. Denistoun (observer)

Lt. Milne (observer)

Lt. William George Bransby Williams (Pilot) (KIA 12/5/17)

Lt. Moser (observer)

Other 2 Sqn personnel mentioned in the communiqués:

Lt. George Antony Turton (pilot)

2nd Lt. H V Stammers (observer)

Capt. Thomas Walter Colby Carthew (pilot)

2nd Lt. E M Gilbert (observer)

Capt. (Philip) Babington (pilot)

Lt. Davies (observer)

2nd Lt. William Douglas Stock Sanday (pilot)

Lt. (John Percival) Clark (pilot)

2nd Lt. (Alfred) Ellison

Corp Welch (observer)

Lt. Chadwick (observer)

Sgt. Hodgson (observer)

Capt. G T Porter (pilot)

Lt. Davey (observer)

Capt. Charles Sandford Wynne-Eyton (Pilot)

Lt. G C Formilli (observer) POW 5 Jan 1916

No 2 Squadron RFC Officers and men Mar 1917 to Sep 1917:

Lt. Harry James Bennett (Observer)

No 2 Squadron RFC/RAF Officers and men Nov 1917 to April 1918:

Capt. J Allport MC (Pilot)[RFC Communiqué No 127]

Lt. Keith Purnell Barford (Observer)

Capt.ain (FW?) Bethell (?Pilot)

2nd Lt. E K Blenkinsop (Pilot)

Capt. Sydney Broadbent (Observer)


(Lt. C A) Chisnall (Pilot)

2nd Lt. Robert Simpson Collins (Pilot)

2nd Lt. Norman Leslie Cornforth (Pilot)

2nd Lt. C F G Doran (Observer)

(JS?) Dunkerley (Pilot)

(Lt. A) Farthing (Observer)

2nd Lt. Warren Kemp Fenn-Smith (Observer)(South African)

AM Fry

Lt. Arthur W Hammond MC and Bar (Pilot)[RFC Communiqué No 123, 127 & RAF Communiqué 1]

Lt. John Bower Lewis Heney MC (Observer)(Canadian)

Lt. Alfred Jones Homersham (Observer)


(2nd Lt. A H) McLachlan (Observer)

2nd Lt. Alan Arnett McLeod VC (Canadian) [RFC Communiqué 122, 123 & RAF Communiqué 1]

2nd Lt. Hew Seton Montgomerie [RFC Communiqué No 131]


2nd Lt. Horace Ison Pole [RFC Communiqué No 133]

(2nd Lt. J) Rathbone (Pilot)

Capt. (GW or TE) Salt (Observer)

(2nd Lt. Harold William) Sidley (Pilot)

Lt. Edward Treloar Smart (Pilot)

Maj. Wilfred Rippon Snow, DSO, MC   CO

Lt. L C Spence (Observer) (Canadian) [RFC Communiqué No 133]

(2nd Lt. H) Stanners (Observer)

Lt. Thompson (Pilot) [RFC Communiqué 122]

Lt. W H Wardrope (Observer)(Canadian) [RFC Communiqué No 131]

(2nd Lt. J A) Weatherley (Observer)

Lt. S Wyborn (Pilot)

 Other 2 Squadron Officers and men in early 1918

Lt. C T Anderson  [RFC Communiqué No 133]

Capt. N Deakin  [RFC Communiqué No 133]

2nd Lt. Alan Fleming McGlashan

16 Squadron RFC personnel  Feb - May 1916

Maj. D W Powell CO

Lt. (Frederick James Harry) Thayre (pilot)

Lt. Summons (observer)

Lt. Nesbitt (observer)

Corp Wain

Lt. Logan (pilot)

Lt. Truscott (observer)

AM1 Sherwood

Lt. Caton (observer)

AM1 Rockcliffe

2 Lt. Colison (observer) KIA ?

Corp Woolley

Lt. Tyrell (observer)

Sgt. Prance

Sgt. Greasy

Sgt. Gae

Capt. Arnold Reed Tillie KIA 11/5/16 (pilot)

Capt. Waller

2nd Lt. Laurence Minot (pilot)

2nd Lt. Welsh (observer)

2nd Lt. J G Howell (observer + Tillie RFC Com 36)

27 Squadron RFC personnel in France January - June 1916

Maj. Amyas Eden "Biffy" Borton DSO, CO

Maj. Sidney "Crasher" Smith, C Flight Commander (later CO and DSO, AFC, CdG)

Capt. Frank W Smith, A Flight Commander (later Major & CO of 62 Sqn)

2nd Lt.  Henry Arthur Taylor

2nd Lt. Douglas Graham Joy

2nd Lt.  Maurice Duncan Basden (KIA 20 May 1916 buried at Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier)

Capt. Tom Algar Elliott Cairns, B Flight Commander

Lt.  Charles Alfred Brooks

2nd Lt. Sydney Dalrymple, Australian (later Capt. with 24 and 139 Sqns, 5 victories, DFC)

2nd Lt. Arthur Henry William Tollemache (KIA 19 July 1916, Arras Memorial)

Capt. Charles Drury Fuller,

2nd Lt. Robert W Nichol (missing 9 July 1916 later confirmed POW)

Lt. James Clifford Turner (KIA 3 August 1916)

2nd Lt. Norman William Thomas (KIA 8 April 1916)

2nd Lt. F G Hogarth

2nd Lt H A Johnstone

Lt C J W Darwin

2nd Lt. Donald Stuart Calthorpe Macaski 

2nd Lt. Kenneth Townley Dowding

2nd Lt. (James Douglas) Latta  

2nd Lt. S A Sharpe

Lt. O V Thomas AEO

Lt. G D Etches AEO(W)


62 Squadron RFC/RAF personnel  France 1918

Flt. Sgt. A Abel (Ch Mech)

AMI D V Akeroyd Ae Gunner

Sgt. H E D Adams Motor Cyclist

2nd Lt. N F Adams Observer

2nd Lt. I P Aitken Observer

Lt. Clifford Allday Pilot

2nd Lt. Cyrus Allen Pilot

2nd Lt. J (?James) Appleby

2nd Lt. Charles Henry Arnison MC Pilot

2nd Lt. H N Arthur Pilot

2nd Lt. Frank Atkinson Observer

AMI F R Atkinson MT


AMI A D Bancroft Electrician

Spr. H Barnley RE

2nd Lt. Wallace Roy Baskerville Pilot (Canadian)

AMII G Bassett Ae Gunner

AMI A Bate Motor Cyclist

AMIII J C Bateman Rigger

Lt. Francis Joseph Batt, Pilot (US/UK)

AMI D W Bell Fitter

AMII W L Bevan Ae Gunner

Lt. A W Blowes Pilot (Canadian)

Sgt. Joseph Borwein Observer

AMI W Bowen Motor Cyclist

Sgt. F R Bower

AMI Albert Boxall

2nd Lt. R A Boxhall

Lt. Henry Basil Pridden Boyce Observer (Canadian)

Sgt. C C Brammer Observer

Lt. R V Bramwell-Davis, Recording Officer

Lt. Thomas Harding Broadley Pilot

AMII E H Brook (59440) Fitter

AMIII F M Brook Fitter

Pte. C Brown RAMC Medic

AMI J Brown Rigger

Sgt. Mech. F M Bruce Observer

2nd Lt. John Bruce-Norton Observer

2nd Lt.  E M Buckley, Observer

Capt. Lynn Campbell Pilot (Canadian)

Sgt. Mech. A Cashmore Carpenter

Cpl. H Chadwick Fitter

2nd Lt. Percival V G Chambers Observer

Lt. John Anthony Chubb Pilot

Lt. Cyril Thomas Clarke Armament Officer 

2nd Lt. Hubert Arthur Clarke Pilot (South African)

2nd Lt. R A Clarke

Capt. Hugh Claye MC Observer

2nd Lt. Michael Hugh Cleary Pilot (Australian)

AMI S P Cleave Telegraphist

AMII Clemens

AMII Clogg

Lt. Leonard Cyril Frederick Clutterbuck Pilot

AMIII H Collindell Batman

Lt. E W Collis Observer

AMI J Coombes Driver Petrol

Lt. N N Coope Pilot

2nd Lt. T C Cooper Observer

Lt. Archibald Bernard Cort Pilot

2nd Lt. W E Coulson

AMII J Cowley Blacksmith

Lt. G R Crammond Observer

Cpl. (Mech) E F Cruchley Fitter aero engine

Sgt. W J Cruwys (RE)

2nd Lt. F B Dawson Observer

2nd Lt. E C W Deacon Observer

2nd Lt. Reginald Herbert Dilloway Observer

AMIII F G Down Fitter

Sgt C W Drury ?Observer

2nd Lt. Ernest Dumville Observer


2nd Lt. Les Egan Observer

Lt. Thomas E Elliott Observer

AMII E K Emanuel Rigger

AMI J Emerson Driver Petrol

2nd Lt. A J P Evans Pilot

AMI W Evans Driver

2nd Lt. Cyril Boyd Fenton  Pilot (Australian)

Lt. John Alvin A Ferguson Pilot (Canadian)

2nd Lt. G Fineran Admin (EO3)

AMIII J Fletcher Clerk

Lt. Kivas Burton Forster DFC (Canadian)

Lt. D S Fox

2nd Lt. S T Francis Pilot

Pte. A Franklin Cook

AMIII E French Fitter

Pte. William J Gale Motor Cyclist

Lt. G W Gant Pilot

Capt. George Everard Gibbons MC DFC Pilot

Lt. Hugh Goddard Gill Observer

Lt. John Morrissey Goller Pilot (South African)

Lt. John Rutherford Gordon MC Observer (Australian)

Lt. Edward Gladstone Grant  Observer (Canadian)

2nd Lt. G M Gray Observer

AMI L Green Ae Gunner

AMIII R E Griffin Fitter

Sgt. S E Grimshaw Observer

AMIII A Grocock Armourer

AMII L Gryson MT

AMIII H Hale Fitter

2nd Lt. J Hall

2nd Lt. W E Hall, Observer (Canadian)

Lt. David Shaw Hamilton Pilot

AMIII D E Hammond Fitter

Lt. Percy R Hampton Pilot (Canadian)

AMII F S Harvey Instrument Repairer

AMIII A W Harvie Fitter

Pte. W Harwood Batman

Lt. John Mathews Hay,  Observer

Capt. Charles Cecil Haynes Pilot (Flt Cdr  14-21 Mar 1918)

AMII S Hayward Ae Gunner

Flt. Sgt. J Haywood Chief Mech

W.O.  Hedges Tech WO

AMI G Helliwell Rigger

2nd Lt. Gore William Hemsworth Pilot

AMII R Henley MT

2nd Lt. V K Hilton Pilot

Lt. H S Hind Observer

Sgt. George Frederick Hines Observer

2nd Lt. William Hodgkinson Observer

2nd Lt. Joseph Marshall Holling Observer

Sgt. William Norman Holmes MM Observer

Sgt. Mech. P Holt Fitter

AMII W Holton Ae Gunner

AMI A Honeybill Carpenter

Lt. Leslie Wilson Hudson, Pilot

Capt. Geoffrey Forrest Hughes MC AFC Pilot (Australian)

2nd Lt. Henry Condie Hunter Pilot

2nd Lt. R F Hunter

Flt. Sgt. A J Hutchings Fitter

2nd Lt L Inggs Pilot

AMII J Ingham Rigger

Sgt. Mech. H H Inglis  Observer

AMIII A J Inkersole Batman

Cpl J Irving  A Flt

AMIII H E J Jackson Driver petrol

2nd Lt. N W Jackson  Observer

Capt. Alyn Reginald James Pilot

Sgt. Mech. E T Jefferies Observer

AMI E A Jeffries Rigger

Sgt. Mech. W J Jenkins Observer

Cpl. C P Johnson MT

Sgt. Frank Johnson DCM + Bar, Pilot

Chief Mech. A F W Johnstone Armourer

AMII S Joinson Driver

AMI W Jones Rigger


(Civilian) E Kahn Interpreter

2nd Lt. F Keith Observer

Pte. J E Kemp Asst Armourer

Capt. Douglas Stewart Kennedy MC Pilot

AMIII H Kilvert Blacksmith

Capt. Sidney Arthur William Knights MC Observer

Sgt. John Lake Observer

2nd Lt. L C Lane Observer

2nd Lt. W H E Labatt Observer

Clk. A W Lear Storeman

AMII G D Leslie Armourer

2nd Lt. John Vincent Lind Pilot

Sgt. J B Little Observer then Armourer

Capt. Philip James Long Pilot

Sgt. L S Long Observer

AMI W Lord  Rigger aero

2nd Lt. Reginald Lowe Observer

AMIII J H Ludgate Batman

AMII C Lyons Armourer

AMII N J C Maddison Rigger

2nd Lt. Patrick Sarsfield Manley Pilot (Canadian)

Pte. G Manning Fabric worker

2nd Lt. Herbert Stanley Mantle Observer

Cpl S Mason A Flt

2nd Lt. J McCallum

2nd Lt. D A McGregor Pilot

Cpl. L G McKnight Armourer

Lt. W A McMichael Pilot

2nd Lt. Francis Joseph McNiff Observer

Lt. Horace Ernest Merritt Observer

2nd Lt. J M R Miller

2nd Lt. L Miller

AMI F Milsom Turner

AMII E Mitchell Fitter

2nd Lt. Leslie Edwin Mitchell Observer

2nd Lt. James Norman Mitchell Observer

Cpl Mech. C N Moore Fitter

AMI H A Moore Telephonist

Capt. Ernest Theophilus Morrow DFC Pilot (Canadian)

Lt. C H Moss Pilot (Canadian)

2nd Lt. R W Murray

Lt. Hugh Cuthbert Milo Nangle Pilot

2nd Lt. E M Nicholas Observer

AMII H Northfold Driver

AMII J G Norton, Driver

Lt. Richard Hamilton O'Reilly Pilot (Canadian)

AMIII W C Osman Rigger

Sgt. (Mech) C J Oxley Fitter aero engine (i/c CC gears)

AMII J W Padbury Rigger

2nd Lt. Guy Palardy (US)

2nd Lt. A W Palmer Observer

Cpl Mech C H Parr Fitter

Lt. Samuel Parry Observer

Lt. J W Parsons Pilot

Pte G E Pascall, Fabric worker

2nd Lt. G E T Payne Pilot

2nd Lt. A Perren Pilot

Sgt. Mech. W S Petty Fitter

AMII A E Pickhaver Fitter aero engine

2nd Lt. Peter Pilkington, Observer

AMIII A Pooley Fitter

AMI L Postle MT

Sgt. Mech. R V Potter Rigger A Flt

Capt. (Thomas Frederick) Preston Pilot

AMI J Proctor Fitter

AMIII W Proctor Electrician

Sgt. Mech. A Pullan Observer

Capt. Thomas Laurence Purdom MC Pilot

AMI S Rattonbury Telegraphist

Lt. L B Raymond Observer

Capt. H Rees-Jones Pilot

Capt. George Thomas Richardson Pilot

2nd Lt. Charles Rigby Observer

Pte. A W C Roberts Batman

Lt. C W Robinson Pilot

AMII W Robinson Clerk

2nd Lt. H A Rolls Pilot

AMIII J H Rose Rigger

2nd Lt. Maurice Ross-Jenkins Observer

Lt. George Kennedy Runciman Pilot (Canadian)

2nd Lt. J Russell Pilot

AMII W J Salmon Driver

Sgt. W Sarsby Fitter

AMIII H A Satchwell Rigger

Lt. Douglas Alfred Savage MC Pilot

AMII A Say Rigger

2nd Lt. M Saynor Pilot

Lt. R Schallaire Pilot (Canadian)

Sgt. Mech C B Scott, Observer

Lt. Francis Charles Dudley Scott Pilot

2nd Lt. L R Shaw Observer

AMII A E Shepherd Armourer

AMIII G F Simpson Armourer

2nd Lt. J P Skredlant Pilot

AMII E Smith Armourer

AMI F Smith Fitter aero engine

Major F W Smith Commanding Officer

AMI R C Smith MT

Lt. S A R Solomon Pilot

2nd Lt. Henry J Sparks MC Observer

Lt. Hermon Kinsey Spoonley Pilot

Sgt. W Stainer A Flt

2nd Lt. Victor George Stanton Observer

Capt. William Ernest "Bull" Staton MC DFC and Bar Pilot

AMI W Stebbing Electrician

Lt. J K (?James Karl) Stewart Pilot (Canadian)

Lt. James Ernest Stitch

Lt. R H Stone Pilot

Lt. Francis Sumsion Pilot

AMII J Sunderland Motor cyclist

Lt. Albert Victor Sutton Equipment Officer (Canadian)

Lt. William Keith "Pete" Swayze Pilot (Canadian)

2nd Lt. Stephen White Symons Pilot

Lt. R G Taggart Pilot

2nd Lt. W P Taltavall Pilot

Lt. J S (?John Stanfield) Tarbolton

Sgt. W Tetstall (Fitter aero engine & A Flt)

Lt. Louis Mark Thompson Observer (Canadian)

AMII A Thoro(ugh)good (Asst CC gear)

Flt. Sgt. E F Tilsley (A Flt Chief Mech)

AMII T Titherington Armourer

2nd Lt. A J Todd Observer

AMIII E Tranter

AMII Tunnicliffe Rigger

AMIII H R Vymter Armourer

Capt. William Geoffrey Walford Observer

AMIII H T Walters Wireless Operator

Lt. N T Watson Observer

AMI J J Ward Fitter

2nd Lt. C L Wealthall Observer

Capt. F G C Weare Pilot

AM Webb Armourer

2nd Lt. Norman Buist Wells Pilot

Lt. Charles Douglas Wells MC Observer

Cpl E J Westover Rigger

2nd Lt. C F (?Cecil Frederick) Whistance Pilot

AMII W G Whittle Rigger

AMII G Whitworth Armourer (i/c Amourers)

Lt. Frederick Williams Pilot

2nd Lt. J W Withers Observer

AMII S Woodhead Coppersmith

Lt. George Montague Yuill Pilot

32 Squadron RAF  personnel France 1918

2nd Lt. Walter Amory MIA 30 Oct POW repat 18 dec

Lt. William Alwin Anderson KIA 18 jul

2nd Lt. Joseph Brown Bowen (USAS) POW DOW 6/7 Sep

2nd Lt. Sidney Edward Burden KIA 1 Nov

Lt. Harold Walter Burry POW 8 Jul repat 14 Dec

Capt. Alvin Andrew Callender MC (US) MIA/DOW 30 Oct, C Flight Commander 8 Victories

Lt. A V Campbell (Canadian)

Lt. Harold Robertson Carson (Canadian)

2nd Lt. C F Cawley (Canadian) MIA 27 Sep POW repat 27 Nov

Capt. Arthur Claydon DFC KIA 8 Jul  (7 Victories) Flight Commander

Lt. F J Connelly (USAS) POW 18 Jul

2nd Lt. A S Cross MIA 17 May POW repat 30 dec

Lt. Abraham Lawson Cuffe

2nd Lt. John Owen Donaldson DFC DSC CdG (Belg) (USAS) POW 1 Sep later escaped (7 Victories)

Lt. Robert Wallace Farquhar KIA 30 Oct

2nd Lt. (?Negley) Farson

Capt. Douglas Monro Faure

Capt. Jerry Hope Laurice Wilfred Flynn (Canadian) KIA 3 Sep Flight Commander

Lt. W E Gilbert MIA 15 Jul

Capt. Edmond William Claude Gerard de Vere Percy, Viscount Glentworth KIA 18 May

Lt. (Robert) S W Graham WIA 9 Jun

Capt. Wilfred Barrat Green DFC LdH CdG + palme, (7 Victories) Flight Commander (dep 8 Sep)

2nd Lt. Frank Lucien Hale DFC (US) (7 Victories)

Lt. R T Hall WIA 15 Jul

Lt. Kelvein Gladstone Peter Hendrie inj acc 17 May

Lt. Parr Hooper (US) KIA 10 Jun

2nd Lt. C J (Charles James) Howson

Lt. W E Jackson (Canadian) MIA 9 Aug POW repat 13 Dec

Lt. Eric McDonald Jarvis died after crash returning from patrol 6 Jun

Lt. E C Klingman (USAS) MIA 1 Sep

Lt. George Edgar Bruce Lawson DFC (South Africa) (6 Victories)

Lt. Henry Clifford Leese

Lt. R E L MacBean (Canadian)

Lt. Peter Macfarlane KIA 10 Aug

Lt. B Monkhouse

2nd Lt. Frederick Carman Pacey (Canadian) KIA 3 Sep

Capt. E A Packe Flight Commander

1Lt. Reuben Lee Paskill (USAS) KIA 9 Aug

2nd Lt. Homer Fletcher Procter WIA 1 Apr

Lt. Philip Thomas Alexander Reveley MIA 9 Aug POW repat 30 dec

Lt. Bogart Rogers (US) (6 Victories)

Maj. John Canaan Russell DSO CO

Lt. D J Russell MIA 17 May POW repat Dec

Lt. (Arnold Edward) Sandys-Winsch WIA 1 Sep

Capt. Sturley Philip Simpson CdG + palme A Flight Commander (2 i/c) (dep 19 Aug)

Lt. H C (?Harold Canning) Spicer (Canadian)

Lt. Henry Marinus Struben MIA 25 Jul POW repat 13 Dec

Lt. Montague Arthur Tancock

Lt. C W Thomas (Canadian)

Lt. John W Trusler

Capt. Walter Alexander "Bing" Tyrrell MC KIA 9 Jun, B Flight Commander (17 Victories)

Capt. Charles Lionel Veitch (ex N Lancs R, TF) B Flight Commander

2nd Lt. Alan Keith Whiteman inj crash 16 Aug

Lt. Clifton Wilderspin WIA 31 Oct

Lt. Harold Wilson (Canadian) KIA 1 Nov

9th Wing Padre Wilson

Capt. Edmond Leonard Zink,  A Flight Commander (23 Aug)

Sgt Appleby

Sgt Bence

Cpl William Brown

Sgt Havindon

Cpl Hersant

Flt Sgt Tronter

Flt Sgt Wellington

70 Squadron RFC personnel France 1917

2nd Lt. Valentine Harold Adams KIA 4 May 1917

2nd Lt. Ivan Lapworth Pinson DOW 5 May 1917

Maj. Arthur Tedder  CO

80 Squadron RAF personnel and flight crews France 1918

2nd Lt. Walter Roy Archibald   KIA  27 Jun

Lt. H V Barker   WIA? 10 May

2nd Lt. L K Baker (DFC, CdG)  WIA 10 Aug

Lt. Percy Rex Beare   WIA 14 Jun

Maj. Victor Douglas Bell OBE (Australian) CO

Lt. Victor Sydney Bennett (Canadian) (CdG)  

2nd Lt. Robert Bramwell   KIA 29 Sep 

Capt. Orlando Clive Bridgeman MC (B Flight commander from 28 March)

2nd Lt. Victor George Brindley (South African)  DOW 30 Aug

2nd Lt. R C (Reginald Charles) Brown KIA 21 Feb

Lt. A W Chadwick  WIA 25 Aug

2nd Lt. E O Champagne 

Lt. A L Code   WIA  21 Apr

Lt. J Collier ?? early Sep cbt (RAF Com)?

Lt. Charles Stanley Lomas Coulson  WIA 21 Mar, WIA 9 Aug

2nd Lt. Burton Critchley   DOW 26 Jun

2nd Lt. Frederick Archibald Fairburn   KIA 23 Sep

Lt. A J Fitzgibbon missing 7 Jun

Capt.  W A Forsythe    WIA  6 Apr

Lt. C H Flere   POW 10 Mar

Capt. Maurice Michael Freehill Flt Com

Lt. R C Fyson 

Lt. D Gardiner 

2nd Lt. G H Glasspoole   POW 16 Jun

2nd Lt. H C R Grant   KIA 4 Nov

Capt. Durham Donald George Hall MC DOW 27 Mar B Flt Com 

2nd Lt. Walter Alexander Hallgren (US)   WIA 25 Jul

Lt. E G Hayes WIA 17 Jul

2nd Lt. G A Hodgetts

2nd Lt.  John Leonard Holt    KIA 17 Mar

2nd Lt. Harold Edgar Hudson   KIA 8 Aug 

2nd Lt. J E Jennings   POW 2 Oct

2nd Lt. A V Jones   WIA POW 10 May

Lt. Harry Reynolds Jones    KIFA 17 Mar

2nd Lt.  O V Judkins   POW 6 Oct

Lt. K J Lainchbury inj 31 May

Lt. Robert Milne Lees        KIFA 21 Mar

Lt. Charles Edmund Maitland

Lt. Leonard Lawrence McFaul (Canadian)   KIA 10 Jul

Lt. James Andrew McGill (Canadian)   KIA 6 Sep

2nd Lt.  T M McIntyre

2nd Lt. Arthur Robert Melbourne   KIA 14 Jun

2nd Lt. J J Meredith (US)  WIA POW 1 Apr

2nd Lt.  H R Messenger 

Lt. C Miller  KIA  26 Mar

2nd Lt. Frank Joynt Milligan    DOW 13 Mar

Lt. Gordon Lautre Murray  (South African) KIA 12 Apr

2nd Lt. George Allen Muschamp

Lt. Thomas Stuart Nash   DOW 8 August

Lt. P H Oldridge   KIFA 26 Jan  (crashed taking-off from Hitchin, Herts)

Lt. John Richard Orr (Canadian) KIA 9 Aug

Lt. E O C Parsons

2nd Lt. A J Patenaude   POW 19 May

Lt. Willard Augustus Pell  (Canadian)   KIA 12 Apr

Lt. H W Phear   WIA 22 Aug

Lt. S R Pinder  KIA 19 Feb

Lt. S L H Potter  WIA 19 Feb

Lt. later Capt. Reginald Ansell Preeston (CdG & Palme) C Flight commander (19 March)

Lt. Robert Sussex Francis Radcliff  KIA 26 Mar

Lt. J R Rodgers

Lt. F H Ronksley

Lt. Alfred William Rowdon   KIA  10 May

Lt. E N Ruffe missing 7 Jun

Lt. H W (?Horace William) Russell  (DFC) POW 8 Nov

2nd Lt.  H P (?Henry) Sharkey 

2nd Lt.  C G S Shields   KIA 10 May

2nd Lt. George Smith   KWF 15 Aug (crashed into an AW FK8 over airfield)

2nd Lt. E L Smithers  POW 6 Apr

Maj. F I Tanner   (injr 14 Sep)

Capt. St. Cyprian Churchill Taylor  (South African) 10 Victories (7 with 32 Sqn, 3 with 80 Sqn), KIA 17 Mar C Flt Com

2nd Lt. A R Thatcher   POW 5 Sep

2nd Lt. Robert Ellerton Thompson (Canadian)  KIA 1 Oct

2nd Lt. Arthur Lyon Tupman   KIA 22 Aug

2nd Lt. Jack Hedley Waddington   KWF 22 Oct

2nd Lt. H (?Harry) Walker   KIA 26 Sep

Capt. Hubert John Welch  (promoted to Flt Com end Sep) KIA 29 Sep

Lt. L C Welford   7 Jun

2nd Lt. Ernest Westmoreland KIA 19 Feb

2nd Lt. George Alfred Whately (Canadian)   KIA 10 May

Capt. Harold Alfred "Willy" Whistler (DSO, DFC and bar) 23 Victories A Flt Com

2nd Lt. G Wignall   POW 8 Aug

2nd Lt. John Winthrop-Andrews   KIA 4 Oct

2nd Lt. Thomas W Whitman (US)   KIA 4 Oct

Lt. G B Wooten    WIA 30 Oct

Lt. Victor Maslin Yeates (ex 46 Sqn)


103 Squadron RAF HQ personnel and flight crews France 1918

Maj. Edward Newman Fuller (posted 23 Sep)

Maj. Michael Henry Braddon Nethersole DSO


Lt. Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant, Recording Officer

Lt. Henry Broome Durley Grazebrook, Recording Officer (posted 23 Sep)

Lt George Rustin Shibley (Canadian), Recording Officer (posted 28 Aug)

Lt. Draper Ottewell, Armament Officer

2nd Lt. William R Tuddenham, Equipment Officer

2nd Lt. Arthur Basil Creighton, Branch Intelligence Officer


Lt. Victor William Allen MC, MM (South African) Observer DOI 9 Jun 1918

Sgt. J Anderson WIA POW

Cpl. Oliver Holden Armitage DOI 26 Oct 1918 (following crash on 25 Oct)

2nd Lt. Sam William Atkinson Observer

Capt. Frank Alsager Ayrton Pilot POW

Lt. Gilbert Gunn Bannerman Observer 

2nd Lt. Charles John Bayly Pilot (Canadian) WIA

2nd Lt. Herbert Glover Bennett Pilot

Lt. James Murray Brown Pilot (Canadian)

AMI James Edward Buffery Observer

2nd Lt. Geoffrey Butters Observer

Lt. John Glen Carey Pilot POW 

2nd Lt. Samuel Edward Carson Pilot KIA 20 Jul 1918

Lt. John Kingham Clarke Observer KIA 22 Jul 1918

2nd Lt. William Holland Cole  Pilot KIA

2nd Lt. Irving Benfield Corey DFC Observer (Canadian) 6 Victories

2nd Lt. Henry Seward Crees WIA 27 Sep

Lt. Joel Gordon Hirst Chrispin DFC Pilot

Capt. Alan Harper Curtis Pilot OC B Flt

Lt. David Dewar Dall Observer (Canadian)

2nd Lt. Charles Cannon Dance Observer 6 Victories

Capt. D M (McKenzie) Darroch Pilot (Canadian) WIA 25 Oct

2nd Lt. Douglas Davenport Observer KIA 24 Sep 1918

2nd Lt. Joe Davison Observer 

2nd Lt. Gerald Alfred Davis Observer

Capt. Roy Edward Dodds DFC Pilot (US)(OC B Flt) 7 Victories

Capt. Kenneth Townley Dowding Pilot OC A Flt

Sgt. H Driver Pilot

2nd Lt. George Louis Peter Drummond Observer WIA POW

2nd Lt. Robert Henry Dunn Pilot POW 

Lt. Arthur Edward Durling  Observer

2nd Lt. William Bernard Hutton Eaton Observer

2nd Lt. Charles Ewart Eddy Observer (South African) 5 victories WIA 30 Aug

2nd Lt. Bertram Edward Essex Observer

Lt. John William Gardener Observer

Sgt. Harry Seys Garnett Pilot

Sgt Cyril Reginald Haigh Pilot

Sgt. J W Haines Pilot

2nd Lt. Wilfred Mark Hall Observer

Lt. Charlton Hallawell Pilot

Sgt. J Hamilton Observer MIA (16 Jun)

2nd Lt. Cyril George Harding Observer (died)

2nd Lt. Trevor Emlyn Ockwell Hawkins Observer KIA 20 Jul 1918

Lt. Carl Hastings Heebner Pilot (Canadian) KIA 24 Sep 1918

Lt. William Rowland Henderson Observer

Lt. Geoffrey Bruce Hett DFC Pilot

Lt. Herbert Richard Herbert (Canadian?) inj airfield accident

2nd Lt. Francis Kirkman Heywood Pilot

2nd Lt. Harold Eagar Hinchcliffe POW

2nd Lt. Sidney Hirst Pilot KIA 16 Jun 1918

Sgt. Sydney Hookway Observer KIA 

Lt. Cyril Thomas Houston Pilot KIA 22 Jul 1918

Sgt. Horace Huckle

2nd Lt. John Meirion Hughes Observer KIA 16 Jun 1918

2nd Lt. Humphrey Dight Humphreys Pilot

2nd Lt. Charles Herbert Huntley Observer

Capt. Ronald W Jackson Pilot

2nd Lt. Beaven Pendleton Jenkins Observer POW/DOW at Aachen 20 Oct 1918

Lt. Frederick Rice Knight Observer (Canadian)

2nd Lt. Herbert Lansdale Observer POW 

Capt. Isaac Wyper Leiper Pilot

Lt. Michael Solomon Lewin Pilot (South African)

2nd Lt. Joseph Allan Lisle Observer

Lt. Frank Masterman Loly DFC Observer WIA 25 Oct

2nd Lt. Duncan Colin MacDonald Observer POW

2nd Lt. Leslie Weston Marchant Pilot

2nd Lt. William Sime Marshall WIA

2nd Lt. David James Cargill (Jock) McCowan Pilot

Lt. Wilfred Raworth McGee Pilot KIA 12 Jun 1918

Sgt. James McKie Pilot KIA 7 Oct 1918

Sgt. W J McNeill Pilot 

2nd Lt. Victor Mercer-Smith Pilot WIA POW

2nd Lt. Paul Dury Mitton

Maj Michael Henry Braddon Nethersole DSO Pilot CO  

2nd Lt. John James Nicholls Observer KIA 30 Oct 1918

2nd Lt. Kenneth Nixon WIA

Lt. Hugh Clobery Noel Pilot KIA 24 Sep 1918

Sgt. Leonard Cecil Ovens Observer POW 

2nd Lt. Robert Emrys Owen Observer KIA 18 Sep 1918

2nd Lt. Stanley Robert Payne Observer

Lt. Thomas Martin Phillips Pilot KIA 18 Sep 1918

2nd Lt. A Leon A Maurice Pitot Observer DOW inj on landing ? 8 Oct 1918

Lt. Claude Alden Posey (Canadian) Pilot

Lt. Donald Eustace Preece Observer

2nd Lt. John Henry Reynolds

Lt. James Lewis Roberts

2nd Lt. Harold Torbron Gordon Robey Observer inj (17 May 1918)

2nd Lt. Joseph Yates Round Observer WIA

Lt. John Bernard Russell DFC Observer (Canadian) WIA 29 Sep

2nd Lt. Edward Albert Slater Observer

2nd Lt. John Henry Smith KWF 9 Jul 1918

Sgt. Arthur Shepherd Pilot

Lt. Frank Herman Sillem pilot

Sgt. Cecil Stanley Silvester Pilot POW

2nd Lt. Thomas Harrison Souter Observer, KIFA fell out 4 Jul 1918

Capt. John Austin Sparks DFC Pilot WIA 29 Sep

Sgt. Eric Gordon Stevens Observer

2nd Lt. Henry Guy Stirrup Observer WIA (inj in crash 12 Aug)

Lt. Edward Robert Stranger Pilot

Capt. John Stevenson Stubbs DFC Pilot (OC C Flt) 11 victories

Lt. Sidney Woodward Taylor Pilot

2nd Lt. Percy Stuart Tennant Pilot (Canadian) WIA POW 

Lt. Donald Makenson Tomlinson Observer

Lt. Percival Ernest Thomas Pilot

2nd Lt. Henry (Harry) Thompson Observer KIA 12 Jun 1918

Capt. Henry Turner Pilot KIA 5 Jun 1918

Lt. Bernard Augustine Tussaud Observer (ex Gloucs R)

Lt. Albert Edward Tyrrell Pilot

Lt. Eric Appleyard Wadsworth Observer

Sgt. Ernest James William Watkinson DFM Observer

Lt. Lowell Kahler Weaver (USAS) Pilot

2nd Lt. George Webb Observer KIA 5 Jun 1918

2nd Lt. George Watt Webster Observer

Sgt. W J Westcott Observer

Lt. John Harold Whitham (Canadian) Pilot

Sgt. William Harold White Pilot KWF 25 Oct 1918

Lt. Charles John Willcox Pilot

Lt. William Nichol Wilson Pilot

Lt. Edwin Arthur Windridge Pilot KIA 9 Jun 1918

2nd Lt. Tom Ormston Wrightson Observer WIA

No 103 Ground Staff

Sgt. Mech R C Allen Rigger

Cpl. Mech C H Armitage Fitter Eng Acc Killed 25 Oct

Pte. Lawrence Alfred Atkinson Observer KIA 5 Jun 1918

Pte. A E Baker Armourer

Pte. H F Baker

C Mech C J Barnes Fitter Eng

Cpl. Mech J B Barnes Rigger

Cpl. J S W Barnes

A/Cpl. L Beel Rigger

AMI J S Bennett Coppersmith

AMIII John Richard Billington Fitter

A/Cpl. W Bond Turner

AMIII G J Bradley Rigger

AMI R W Bradley Electrician

AMII H H Brown

AMIII W Brown Fitter

AMIII F C Campbell Photographer

Pte. A Clark

AM Crane

AMIII Dady Storeman

AMII J Dawber Photographer

AMII Devaney  Machinist

AMIII P Dillon Welder

Pte. W Doherty Batman

AMII F Dolan

AMIII W W Dowdeswell Fitter

Pte. J Ellder Armourer

AMII John Ellis  (Died 14 Jul 1918)

Flt. Sgt. Wilfred Alfred Ellis (Orderly Room FS)

AMI David Jenkin Morris Evans (Instrument Repairer)

Pte. R L Evans

AMIII G H Fielding Carpenter

Chief Mech. Fisher

Sgt. France

AMI D French Fitter

Sgt. R W Fullerton Fitter Eng

Cpl. W Gatehouse Carpenter

Clk 2 H F L Gibbons Clerk

AMII S Glaser

Cpl. Andrew Thomson Gourlay

AMIII H Griffith Coppersmith

AMII R Guest

AMI E Halliwell Driver

AMI Hardacre

AMII G Haskins

AMI J R Henderson Fitter Eng

AMI H Herbert Fitter Gen

CM F Hern Rigger

Cpl. C Holloway

AMIII A H Horton Turner

AMII William Horton KIA 5 Jun 1918

Sgt. Howard

AMII H Herbert Fitter

Pte. Humphreys

Cpl. C J Ingram Fitter Eng

AMIII T C Jarvis Photographer

A/Cpl. C A Jesson Storeman

AMIII P Joyce Fitter Eng

AMIII V Kingdon Rigger

AMII F H Latimer Clerk

AMII J Lord Rigger

Cpl. L Mack

AMI J A Mahoney Blacksmith

AMIII C Malings Driver

Cpl. Mech A May Photographer

AMIII George Stanley McMillan (Died)

Pte. A Middleton Armourer

AMIII N Millen Fitter

Pte. F E Miller

AMI F L Mitchell Rigger

AMIII S Moglenski Coppersmith

AMIII Muirhead

AMI R Mulford

AMIII Robert Newby

AMII J Ogden Driver

AMIII C A Page Electrician

AMIII A C Palfreman Vulcaniser

AMIII B Parkes Driver

AMIII A J R Parr Driver

AMII J Parry Rigger

Pte. W H Pascoe

Sgt. Mech W A Peagam Armourer

Pte. Potter Motorcyclist

AMIII Pourley Bomber

AMIII P B Phillips Photographer

AMII A Prigg Fitter Eng

AMII H H Prime

AMII J T Raison Driver

AMI H Randall Armourer

AMII William Smith Rankin KIA 5 Jun 1918

AMIII J Reece Fitter

Cpl. E S Reeve

Sgt. Mech T Reeves Fitter Eng

Cpl. J Regan

AMI Reinstadtler Driver

Pte. A G Robbins Batman

AMIII A F Roberts Rigger

AMIII F H Roberts Fitter learner

Cpl. Mech J M Rowe Fitter Eng

AMII W Rudd Driver

Cpl. Mech H C Russell Fitter

AMI G W Russell Fitter Eng

AMII Saunders Sailmaker

AMII W Scrammage Driver

AMII W G Shadbolt Rigger

Sgt. Maj F E Skelland

AMIII J A Stephens Fitter

Sgt. H Strype

AMI R Taylor Fitter Eng

Cpl. H Tilley

AMII Tithiradge Electrician

Cpl. A E Upson Rigger

Pte. W Vinal

Pte. J Walton Armourer

Sgt. E Wardley

AMII E Ware Driver

Pte. R Warren Armourer

AMI A W Webb Rigger

AMIII W J Whiskin Rigger

Sgt. H White Fitter Gen

Sgt. Mech C H Wildbore Blacksmith

A/Cpl. C Wood Carpenter

AMII Frederick George Wood

CM Mech. J V Yates Technical

No 3 Reserve Squadron RFC 1917

Maj. Frank W Smith CO

Capt. Lionel Hicks  Instructor

Lt. Frank Hay Creasy Instructor

Lt. R V Bramwell-Davies Adjutant

Lt. Russell  Instructor

Lt. Stewart  Instructor

MT Base Depot RFC ?

AMII Charles Edgar Carter

AM  G Ruddock (18,111)

AM W Tilson  (28,502)

AM E Loader

AM E W Ellis (33,627)

AM Tom Leach

AM A Rogers